Project Templates

Project templates help you and brands with the booking process. They make it easier for brands to submit applications, and make it much easier for leasing teams to vet brands. 

What is the project template?

The project template is a concept application that tenants must create before they can send inquiries or request on the platform. It includes key information about the brand, their products, price range, company size and information regarding their concept. Brands can create different concepts for different scenarios, but they will always need to submit one when making a booking or sending an inquiry. 

How do I view a project template?

Project templates can be viewed from the inbox when a brand sends an inquiry or request. There is always a small breakdown that appears in the timeline. To view more information, you can click on a brand's name to view their project template. The project template is designed to provide leasing teams with as much information as possible to help qualify the tenant early on, and speed up the vetting process. 

To view a project template:

  1. Select an inquiry or request from the inbox
  2. Find the timeline message with the inquiry or request
  3. Next to the message title is the brand's name
  4. Click on the brand's name to view their project template

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