Creating Campaigns

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The build in campaign tool by Spacewise makes it easy to send out email campaigns to your existing tenants. Now you can effortlessly engage with tenants and get them excited about offers and special events. Segment further by tailoring messaging to certain tenant groups, you can even include discount codes to entice them to book space. You can also indicate where you'd like your campaign recipient to be directed to, either the Spacewise Marketplace, or one of your own channels.

You can only send campaigns to existing tenants. If you wish to send campaigns to new tenants, they must be invited to the platform first.

Segment audiences with tenant groups

Utilizing the group feature for campaigns is great because it allows you to tailor messaging to appear to specific target groups. But before you can get stuck in, you need to first segments your tenants into groups. Grouping tenants isn't only used for campaigns. It's a useful way to manage your tenants, allocate certain permissions, and create personalized discounts. If you have not done so already, before you can add tenant groups to campaigns, you need to first create the groups and add tenants. 

How to create tenant groups.

Once you have your groups created, you can select the relevant group(s) under the "Recipients" section of the campaign builder. 

Creating campaigns

To create a campaign:

  1. Go to the campaigns tab.

  2. Select "+New campaign".

  3. Select which channel you want the recipients to land on.

  4. Listings - Select a building and then the listing/s you want to include in the campaign.

  5. Campaign Content - Create a campaign title, this will be the subject of your email campaign. Create the content, this will be the main body of your email campaign.

  6. Recipients - Select individual tenants or select a tenant group. You can also combine groups and individuals to your campaign.

  7. Schedule - Decide when you want the campaign to be sent. You can specify a date and a time. Click “Schedule” to send the campaign.

You can also:

  • Draft campaigns to finish working on later
  • Duplicate old campaigns
  • Delete old campaigns 

Go to the campaign dashboard.

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