Creating Listings

To create a listing, first make sure you have the necessary information and good images of your space. Please note, that for quality assurance, we review and approve every submitted listing. Incomplete or fictitious listings will be rejected. 

Find more information about image requirements.
Find more information about information requirements.
Go to the listing wizard.

Create listings by going to the listings tab on the Spacewise platform, and select "Add a listing". This will take you to the listing wizard where you can create your listing. From the listing wizard, you will need to fill in each respective section. 

Listing wizard sections:

1 Location

  1. Start typing in your address in the address bar
  2. Select the correct address from the drop-down menu
  3. The address information will be prefilled for you
  4. Check the address and make any necessary corrections
  5. Click save and continue

2 Features

  1. Select the space type
  2. Choose which projects would best suit the space
  3. Fill in the retail and storage space sizes
  4. Add a floor number
  5. Click save and continue 

3 Description

Descriptions need a title, headline and main body of text. This section sells your space, make sure to include key information, and consider how you want the text to sound to the reader. 

Find more advice about writing descriptions.

  1. Enter the listing title
  2. Enter a listing headline
  3. Fill in the listing description
  4. Choose the relevant options for space features 
  5. Choose the relevant options for inside space
  6. Choose the relevant options for outside space
  7. Click save and continue 

Select as many feature options as you like, the more you choose gives prospective brands more information about your space.  

4 Photos

Photos are a crucial part of your listing. Images should showcase the space and highlight it's best features. Include interior and exterior images, as well as any floor plans. 

  • Listings should have at least 3 images
  • Images should be in JPG or PNG format. 
  • Have a minimum size of 1200x900. 
  • Be no bigger than 5MB

Find more advice about listing images

  1. Select add files
  2. Choose your images 
  3. Click start upload
  4. Once the upload has finished, click save and continue 

5 House Rules & documents

Define any house rules required to lease the space, set the cancelation policy, and upload any additional documents.

  1. Add house rules
  2. Set the cancelation policy
  3. Upload additional documents (PDF format)
  4. Click save and continue 

Any conditions defined in this section are accepted by the tenant when they make a booking. 

Find more information about cancelation policies. 
Find more information about refunds.

6 Price

  1. Set the price per day
  2. Set the price per week
  3. Set the price per month
  4. Select yes if the offer is taxable by VAT
  5. Optional hide prices (not recommended)
  6. Set a security deposit
  7. Click save and continue 

Security deposits are not collected online and should be handled between the brand and property manager.

7 Availability

  1. Select if the listing should always be available or be restricted
  2. Set the minimal rental duration
  3. Set the maximum rental duration
  4. Set the lead time
  5. Set the lease start time
  6. Click save and continue 

8 Landlord information

  1. Add viewing information
  2. Select which team should be responsible for this listing
  3. Write a payout message
  4. Confirm that you are the landlord, or fill in the landlords details
  5. Click save and continue 

9 Publication

This section defines the leasing workflow. It can be set up to receive inquiries, take booking requests or accept instant bookings. 

Find detailed information about leasing workflows.

  1. Select if the listing should be set up for booking requests or inquiries
  2. IF you've selected booking requests, select if instant bookings should be accepted
  3. Select if the listing should be private
  4. Write an automated welcome message
  5. Choose which channels the listing should be visible on
  6. Click publish

Video walkthrough on how to create a listing

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